Environment Policy

The journey to the heart of nature begins! Loyalty to nature comes to life. Welcome to Side Star Hotels, to give unconditional value to green conversion, green! 

As Side Star Hotels, we believe that the world is a big family. We see the sky just like our father, the earth like our mother, and everything about nature as our siblings. We value time, nature and energy resources, and aim to use the forms and possibilities of technology that do not harm nature.

 We expect you to accompany this journey to the heart of nature, to this world where loyalty to nature comes to life, and to cooperate within the framework of our environmental scientist and service approach.


In 1960, an average of 0.44 hectares of agricultural land per capita was falling in the world, and today it is less than 0.25 hectares, or half an acre. According to the most optimistic estimates about fertile agricultural land, 0.07 hectares of agricultural land per capita is needed for countries to be self-sufficient in food...

Our environmental policy

It is essential to ensure economic and social development by protecting human health, ecological balance, cultural, historical and aesthetic values. For sustainable tourism, we have created a sustainable tourism program to protect the environment and minimize the negative effects of our business on the environment and to contribute to the development of the environment and society.

We will comply with all applicable environmental laws, statutes and regulations and set precise objectives and objectives for environmental protection. With these objectives and objectives, to limit and minimize the environmental impact of our business during its operation:

- We will reduce our energy consumption,

- We will reduce our water consumption,

- We will reduce our waste production,

- Where possible, we will support the use of renewable energy and ensure the use of materials that cause the least damage to the environment.

- We will organize environmental training for our employees and provide internal and external communication


Today, 505 million people in the world live in countries with water shortages. By 2025, this number is thought to be between 2.4 billion and 3.4 billion.

By monitoring the consumption of water, energy and chemical materials, we intervene in unnecessary and excessive use.

By directing waste water to MATAB (Manavgat Environmental Protection Tourism Infrastructure Facilities Association) treatment plants, we do not allow pollution of sea, soil and groundwater.

We contribute to infrastructure planning by monitoring and controlling the amount of solid waste production

We seperate solid waste and recycle it, thereby preventing unnecessary energy consumption and production pollution.

We store hazardous waste such as batteries, bulbs, toner, cartridges, machine oil, office electronics in specially designed sealed areas and deliver them to licensed specialist organizations for disposal.

Antalya makis scrub are disappearing... 60 plant species living in Antalya alone are rapidly dying out in the world!

Energy saving

Savings in heating and cooling, reduction in global warming!

By using thermopane in rooms and restaurants, we spend 20% less energy on heating and cooling and contribute to the reduction of global warming.

Heat regulation – adjusting

The temperature of each room can be adjusted independently and the thermostat is controlled. windbreak/air curtains are placed at the entrance doors of the buildings.

Minimum energy expenditure with efficient air conditioners!

The rooms have a system that allows guests to lose electrical power after leaving the room. Using class A energy efficient air conditioners, we save 33% energy every year compared to a subclass.

Projected savings in lighting!

With the specially designed lighting system, we both prevent unnecessary lighting and save the most by using class A lamps.

By using motion-sensitive lamps in some of the general areas, we prevent even a single beam of light from being wasted.

Energy that does not pollute and renews with solar energy

To provide hot water, we use 70% of solar energy from renewable and non-polluting energy sources.

Advanced technology to save more energy

Air conditioning and booster prevent energy fluctuations by using frequency inverter in elevators, and we also minimize energy consumption by using high efficiency heating equipment.

Water saving

Less water consumption, more life!

We prevent unnecessary water use by using special low-flow taps and shower heads, as well as photocell or timed faucets, showers and urinals. Thus, we plan to save 20 million lt of water per year.

Water saving is respect for life and nature!

We reduce the use of flush water through low-volume reservoirs, keeping already scarce water supplies under control. We save 10 million lt in annual water consumption of siphons.

Watch out for leaks, take care of nature!

We train our staff to notice and prevent water leaks from room toilets and expect our guests to be notified of these leaks.

To be a natural part of nature!

By dripping and sprinkler systems in our nature-friendly garden and watering only at night, we prevent both excessive water consumption and evaporation.

Avoiding chemicals

Support with our guests... In order to reduce the water consumption spent in towel and sheet washing, we are making changes in cooperation with our guests at their request.

Minimum chemical consumption for human and environmental health!

By using an automatic dosage system in pools, we keep disinfectant chemical consumption under control

By disinfecting the kitchen vegetable washing departments with ozone machine, we do not use chemicals and provide water consumption.

In addition, the ambient disinfection of guest rooms with specially designed ozone machines is carried out without using chemicals.

Ants house and feed many other species of arthropods in their homes. The key to this hospitality is the ability of guests and the host to communicate.

Thank you for not smoking!

We allocate a fifth of our rooms to nonsmoking guests, thereby contributing to the protection of their health.

Pioneering ecology movement with air conditioning gases friendly to nature!

We use ozone-friendly gases in our air conditioning and cooling units and keep the efficiency at a high level by having them maintained regularly.

Providing bicycle service,

We encourage public transport by telling our guests how to benefit from public transport, and we prevent carbon dioxide emissions by providing bicycle use over short distances.

To be about nature at every step!

All cleaning, dishwashing (manual and machine washing) and laundry detergents and general cleaning detergents used in the facility are biodegradable.

Biofuel production from used vegetable oils!

We collect used vegetable kitchen oils and give them free of charge to companies producing bio-fuels.

Awareness of adaptation and participation to nature

Control of environmental risks with maintenance and repair!

The service and maintenance of all equipment used in the enterprise is carried out as specified in the laws and regulations

Our Purchase Policy

Our primary goal is to protect the environment for sustainable tourism and to minimize the negative effects of our business on the environment and to ensure sustainability in purchasing in order to contribute to the development of the environment and society.

We make sure that the food and beverage items purchased for our group are selected from top quality, suitable for their purpose and relevant legislation, as well as locally produced products.

In order to limit and minimize the environmental impact of our business during its operation, we always evaluate the following criteria at the time of purchase, together with price, quality, compliance, and consider not only the cost of purchase, but also the cost of life when purchasing products:

- Product preference of equipment that consumes less energy,

- Product preference of equipment that consumes less water,

- Preference of tools, products and services that produce less waste,

- Preference of materials that cause the least damage to the environment,

- We will contact our suppliers to raise awareness about the supply of sustainable products and services

Our Social Responsibility Policy

It is aimed to contribute to the development of the environment, our employees and the society we are in while operating our hotels, as well as to ensure sustainable tourism

Our group is especially about keeping schools alive in the region; provide both in-kind and cash assistance for the protection of historical and cultural values and artifacts. Studies are carried out with local and national associations on the environment.

Our business will continue to increase its membership and relations with local and national tourism and non-governmental organizations related to the sustainable environment.

As much as possible, we contribute to both employment and the local economy by providing employment from the living in the regions where the facilities are located and by choosing locally produced products. We ensure that trainings are organized on the long-term work of the working personnel and the increase of their knowledge, manners and skills related to the work. A special importance is attached to the employment of disabled personnel in our facilities

We wcooperate closely with local government and public institutions to eliminate the negative effects that may arise as a result of the development of tourism.

One of our objectives is to be able to reach the password 'Think Green' to all audiences.

A visual feast compatible with nature, an animal habitat!

By making rich garden arrangements, we protect the nature we are in and thus provide an environment for small animals in the region to shelter.

Participatory environmentalism!

By taking the opinions of our guests through surveys, we also shape our contribution to ecology from their point of view.

Our corporate culture and mission is embraced by all our employees! 

We periodically provide trainings to all our employees in order to explain our environmental protection efforts, to ensure their participation and to increase their efficiency.

The most valuable concept is awareness!

We contribute to the environmental awareness and development of our children by including themes such as ecological balance, balanced use of resources and environmental protection in children's animations.


No to fast consumption, yes to local production!

We avoid disposable packaging and products in restaurants and bars as much as possible, store the resulting packaging waste for recovery and deliver it free of charge to licensed organizations. We support environmentally friendly production by preparing alternative foods and beverages prepared in ecologically labeled raw materials.

Waste seperating by guests

Seperating stations are provided in public areas where guests can separate their solid waste. There are special battery waste boxes at the reception for guests and in the staff areas for the facility to separate battery waste. 

Support for Recycling and Society!

Every year, we continue to add value to the production by recycling all the items to be refurbished or giving them to schools and charities.

Plastic, metal etc. recycled materials are collected from the property and we give them to licensed organizations for a fee.

By processing the decommissioned textile products, we convert some of them back into personnel and guest use.

Yenileme inşaatımız sırasında çevre dostu malzemeler seçmeye özen göstererek, her ayrıntının doğayla uyumu için çaba harcadık.

Flowers are the most beautiful words that nature has ever said to us and the most beautiful symbols it has shown us. It shows how much you love them and us.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe