Side Travel Guide

Side is one of the first places while blazing a summer vacation route, glamorizes the tourists not just with its beach and sand, with the legacy coming from ancient ages.

Side, a town in Antalya’s Manavgat province, proves how attractive town it is with over one million population in summer. Side, one of the most important seaports in Pamfilya Region, means pomegranate as a word. It is possible to savor the sea, nature and history in the town where Mediterranean climate rules

Sightseeing in Side

Swimming in the Side’s suddenly not deepening and sandy bottom sea is a huge comfort. Here is the travel guide we have prepared, if you want to scout the historic fabric of Side except swimming and sunbathing: 

Side Apollon and Athena Temple

There is ancient ruins of God Apollon and Goddess Athena Temple in Side peninsula.  Even the temples have missing parts, they have ravishing sight with their scenic structures in the sunset. Side harbour and cafes in the shoreline are the top of the places to visit especially in the late afternoon.  

Side Theatre

Side Theatre is one of the most beautiful and striking examples of Roman architecture with 15.000 spectator capacity and 49 rowed seating.The reliefs on the stage walls and the agora at the back of the theatre are well preserved.

Side Museum

Small but extremely cute Side museum has a rich archive. Structure of Side museum is actually a Turkish bath from 5. Century and exhibits works from Hellenistic and Roman era.

East Beach

Side’s beaches, quality of sand, cleanliness of sea and beauty of sunset is really worth to see. We can say, east beach is the optimal point for swimming and sunbathing. Water sports are other options for adrenalin lovers.


Agora, means shopping district area, serviced as state agora in ancient era in Side. It has two fold library and the statue of Goddess Nemesis in its east coast. Agora has a well protected structure and can be defined as a factor enrichs Side’s  historical and cultural identity

Selge Ancient City

Selge is one of the ancient cities placed in Side borders. Selge Ancient City is located 1250m high from sea level, in the 50m north of Aspendos and south of Toros Mountains. Roman Theatre, located in Selge, has a brilliant plan. Zeus Temple and Artemis Temple can be seen from southwest

Köprülü Canyon

Famous Köprülü Canyon is located in Side borders. Köprülü Canyon, located approximately 7km east of Aspendos, is one of the most famous rafting places. It can be ideal for adrenalin lovers and people who want to have a nice time with rafting and have a quality time.