3 Professional Football Fields of 105m x 70m in FIFA Standards.

  Area A has 22 (1200 Lux) lighting, and areas B and C have 4 (400 Lux) lighting.

  2 training fields (72m. X 36m)

  All fields are surrounded by a separation net.

  There are a total of 6 substitute players' booths on each field, each for 14 people and 2 for each.

  All our pitches are equipped with Lolium Perene (English turf) and Bermuda turf.

  FIFA standards drainage system and irrigation automation system

  Press and protocol section in the 500-seat tribune.

  4 changing rooms in the clubhouse

  8 showers in each dressing room

  Separate material room for each team

  2 referee rooms

  Car park for 100 cars