Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update


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Precious Side Star Hotel members, 

Your health and comfort is crucial for us. 

Our priority is to serve you a vacation make you feel safe and hygienic.

Therefore, we would love to share our current hygiene plan and cleaning precautions to be prepared about encountered Covid-19 Pandemic and its risks. 

As the Side Star Group Hotels, we added new standards to our, ISO 22000 and Green Key, hygiene and cleaning procedure because of Covid-19 according to: 

• World Health Organisation and Turkish Republic Ministry of Health Science Board’s advices,

• Sector associations and Ministry of Tourism advices.

Our hotel’s cleaning and disinfection plan is updated by quality management unit, and hanged in every department by can be seen easily by the staff. Also, with the leadership of our general managers, our health and security committees are constituted and given necessary education.



We care about our staff’s health; Our hotel employees’ hygiene, staying healthy and being conscious about it, is important for an effective hygiene appliance.

• Our service vehicles which are used by our employees by coming to and going from hotel, are disinfected before and after every use. Our employees are obligated to wear mask during the transfer. 

• Before our staff start working, they have general health screening and their temperatures are taken by digital termometers. If there are high temperature and lassitude, the staff can not start working according to our actions plans. They are dispetched to hospital. 

• Uniforms are disinfected before they are given to staff. Their uniform are often changed and washed. 

• There are sufficient number of disinfectant products in staff shared area and working areas. Every staff have to wash their hand every hour by the rules, and disinfect with disinfectant. 

• All of our staff have to clean their shoes everyday. 

• Housekeeping, cleaning services, kitchen and scullery staff have to work with mask and disposable glove.

• There are informing banners in the staff shared areas and social distance is protected in those areas.

• Our staff is informed regularly about pandemic and protection methods by experts. These topics always put on the table in the operation meetings by managers, and checked regularly. With educations, acknowledgement texts about Covid-19 are given to staff to be more conscious. 

• There are on-site doctors in all our hotels.



Guest rooms, restaurants, bars, SPA’s, kid’s club and playgrounds, general places, meeting halls, all other guest places, kitchen places, staff-used places, offices, storehouses of our hotels, are disinfected regularly by hidrogen peroxide-based products which it’s effect is approbative.



In all our hotels, with all necessary certificates, chemical cleaning products are used which are supplied from international well-known companies. Essential and detailed instructions are given to all the staff  by company executives regularly. Thus, proper dosage and chemicals are used in cleaning. Appropriate equipments are used in cleaning for every place.

• In the all general places and toilets, continuously-touched surfaces, doorhandles, handrails, elevators, elevator buttons, sinks, batteries, pissoir and toilet seats are cleaned with proper chemicals more frequent than current cleaning frequency and controlled fussily by checklists. 

• There are hand sanitizer units in every needed general places. 

• The capacity of elevators are reduced to half and new capacities are determined for every elevator. New elevator usage instructions are placed to apparent places. 

• Sitting sets are replaced according to safe physical distance rules.


• To have a hygienic and safe check-in and check-out process, some precautions are made for our hotel guests: 

Incoming guests’ suitcases are disinfected at the entrance and will be delivered to their rooms safely. 

• Our guests’ body temperatures will be taken by thermal cameras. On the condition of a problem, the guest will be informed and actions will be taken according to the law on the protection of personal data and course of action.  

• Provisions are made to avoid from congestion in the entrance and exit, safe places are created where check-in process is made.

• Front office clerks, will deliver our informing form about Covid-19 preacautions to the guests, can be delivered online preferably.

• There is hand sanitizer in the baggage room, there are hand sanitizer, mask, disposable glove, medical waste bag in the reception. 

• Door card will be disinfected before the guest arrive and will be delievered in the sheltered cover. 

• Swiping machines are disinfected continuosly.



Our purpose is to make you accomodate in hygienic and clean ambiance with the cleaning standart which is supplied by educated and professional team. 

• All the staff and managers in the room cleaning service are using masks and disposable gloves. Those materials are changing often. 

• We reduced the number of rooms per staff, first disinfection and then ventilation of the rooms is made before starting to clean, essential hygiene and cleaning is carried out with great meticolousness according to standards we created.

• Baby beds are disinfected meticulously before and after use. 

• International well-accepted, certificated, effective disinfectant, chemicalls and bleacher are used in cleaning. Especially, doorhandles, batteries, telephone handsets, TV remote control, air conditioner controls, light switches, kettles, mini bars and the tools like these, are disinfected after cleaning. 

• Sheets and towels are changed daily and collected packed separately. 

• Used sheets and towels are washed in 90 °C for a sufficient time. 

• Daily guest amentities are disinfected before replaced. Also, prepared hand sanitizers are added to guest amentities. 

• Served products in mini bars will be filled up after disinfection process. 

• Our rooms are ventilated for 1 hour after cleaning. 

• Checked-out rooms are ozonizationed for a sufficient time after cleaning, guests are not accepted to those rooms for 12 hours.



Additionally to our current ISO 22000- Management System of Food Security, here are some our appliances we have been and will be doing to serve better in hygienic and safe place: 

Necessary physical safe distance will be protected in all the places about eating and drinking. 

In our buffets, there will be more show and cut types which mess attendants can serve. If the show type is not possible like salad, appetizer and bakery products, more minimal (individual- touch-limited) presantations will be considered. 

A la carte restaurants are put into use as possible and will serve free to our guests. 

There will be hand disinfection unit which easy access to disinfection in all food and beverage units.  

Service tools that we put to tables, will be covered paper and plastic packages and will be opened by our costumers themselves. 

Salt and pepper will be served in one use only packages on the tables. 

There won’t be fabric napkins on the tables, serving tools will be disinfected properly after every use. 

Dishes are washed in dishwasher and the dishwashers are provided to wash beetween 60-65 °C and rinse between 80-85 °C. All the washed dishes will be served in one-use-only packages. 

All the taborets are removed from our bars. 

All the beverages in our food and beverage units, will be served by our staff. 

Self-serviced tea and coffee machines will not be used by our guests in our restaurants for a length of time. 

General cleaning of eating and drinking places will be disinfected after all the materials like tables, chairs, benches and buffets are cleaned.

Air conditioning systems are actively used in food and beverage units. Reinforcement of fresh air is applied to places.



Essential hygienic conditions are made in Turkish bath, sauna, steam bath, massage areas and fitness center and single-use-only products are used. The capacity of Turkish bath, sauna, steam bath, and fitness center are limited according to hygienic precaution conditions. All the tools are cleaned after every use in fitness center. Changing rooms, showers, toilets, cabinets and their keys, used towels and loincloths are disinfected after they all are cleaned properly.


Mini Club and Child Playground

To have a safe and fun vacation for our children, is cruical for us. Hydrogen peroxide, ozonization and disinfection are applied to playground and all the places they use. Our mini club staff are educated professionally and continue to learn about necessary hygiene. They will be in charge of daily hygiene and cleaning.


Pool, Beach and Fun activities

Sunbeds are newly settled according to safe physical distance in our beachs and poolsides. Pools’ cleaning will continue to be made properly according to chemical values to not reason to any disease or epidemic, as always. Cleaning and disinfection are applied to all sunbeds everyday. Air conditioning is working without any problem in our indoor pools. Sports and fun activities are continous with safe physical distance and proper program choises.


Stay Healthy.