Healthcare Possible During Vacation

Healthcare Possible During Vacation

Healthcare Possible During Vacation

Discovering new places, experiencing different adventures, experiencing new tastes and collecting memories to share with our loved ones make the holiday enjoyable. Enjoying the sea, nature and history on the Mediterranean coast; It is an inevitable fact that these days when you take a break from the monotony of your daily life are good for your mental health. So, is this valid for your health treatments that you do not have time for a long time or that you have postponed due to high cost health bills?


Now is the time to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, take advantage of health services and feel healthier on holiday! While enjoying your holiday, you can renew your body as well as your soul by taking advantage of quality health tourism services.


Health Services Abroad

In our country, from plastic and aesthetic operations to surgical operations, treatment services are offered on vacation, taking into account the health of the tourist. Thanks to the agreements with the international insurance networks, in addition to the treatment of the accidents or diseases that the guests may experience during their vacation, many health services such as physical therapy and rehabilitation, botox and thermal filling, which is one of the aesthetic activities on vacation, are provided by a professional team in the field and in world-class hospitals equipped with the latest technology. You can continue with your days.


By using the check-up service, you can coincide with the periodical health screening for your holiday. In this way, you can detect hidden diseases in your body before they cause more serious problems in the future, and you can have the opportunity to benefit from the treatment methods that are suitable for you. At the same time, with cosmetic treatments that do not require surgery and take time to heal, such as botox and thermal filling, you can have aesthetics on vacation, and you can return from your vacation with an impressive look and even more exciting moments.


Institutions Providing Health Tourism Services


One of the most important things in health tourism, where you will both regain your health and experience the holiday of your dreams, is the choice of health institutions that take your health into account and based on international standards. Institutions serving in the field of health tourism, giving importance to patient satisfaction, provide appointments as soon as possible without having to spend time in boring and tiring queues, and aim to provide you with all kinds of opportunities such as multilingual translators and private services by being with you from the first to the last.


Akdeniz Hospital is accredited with Temos – Quality in International Patient Care certificate; With its hospitality in this direction, it is one of the institutions focused on patient and employee satisfaction, specializing in the health of foreign guests since 1993 in Turkey. When you prefer health institutions that have been serving in the field of health tourism for years, with a smiling face and providing the necessary support for their patients to lead a healthy life, your chances of having a safe and quality health experience increase.

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