Quality Policy

To raise our service and hospitality above international standards, to make new investments in accordance with the conditions of the day. To increase satisfaction and make a difference by thinking about the expectations of the guest in advance,

To prepare the necessary conditions to ensure the training of quality personnel and to provide continuous development, trust in the workplace and service that exceeds the expectations of our guests by providing the formation of team spirit to Turkish Tourism, to take on the identity of the facility that will serve as an example and to create value

To create sustainable environmental awareness with its employees as a hotel, to leave a cleaner, healthier and safer environment for future generations,

To adopt our quality standard with all its employees, to fulfill its requirements and to ensure that the suppliers and subcontractors we work with apply the requirements of the standard, to develop together.

Regarding the expectations of our customers and staff, in line with the hygiene rules, within the framework of legal conditions, the most exclusive flavors of traditional TURKISH CUISINE AND WORLD CUISINES provided at the highest level are to prepare and present with our trained staff.

With strategic human resources management, Side Star Hotels is to incorporate the talents living in the local region that will represent and develop its brand and corporate culture, to increase the added value they provide with the professional and personal development opportunities we offer them, to ensure their permanence in the institution.

Our Principles and Beliefs;

To ensure the loyalty of our employees to the company by prioritizing their motivation, to keep the development open at all times thanks to the trainings organized. To increase productivity in line with career planning. To appreciate and reward with the performance-dependent reward system. To provide information on occupational health and safety issues at all times. We adopt a transparent and honest management approach that respects the law and does not compromise our ethical values, to exhibit exemplary behaviors to society with our social responsibility, social sensitivity, environmental awareness

Our Employee Profile:

To meet the need for manpower by placing the right people in the right job. We work with human resources that are open to change and development, guest-oriented, believe in teamwork and team play, love and participate in their work, believe in strategy, goals and objectives, use natural resources efficiently and are environmentally conscious, exhibit exemplary behaviors to society and have high social responsibility sensitivity, and adhere to ethical values and laws. We provide employment from those who protect sustainable tourism resources and are aware of their development and who live in the regions where the facilities are located.

General Coordinator