Benefits of Sunscreen

Benefits of Sunscreen

Making us feel warm and lightened sun turns into a huge health risk if we surrender to it without any protection. Using sunscreen is the basic way to protect our skin from solar rays coming with vertical angle and affecting our skin in a negative way. Exposing to solar rays for long hours without protection cause skin blemishes, francolins and even skin cancer since it includes UV-A and UV-B radiation beams. Sunscreens, protects our skin from these harmful effects of sun, must be used 12 months a year, not just in summer. And, what are the benefits of sunscreen; how is sunscreen applied; does using sunscreen make our skin younger, here are the answers: 

It is a fact that applying sunscreen before staying under the sun, protects our skin from harmful impacts of UV-A and UV-B beams. We can classify sunscreens as self-tanning gel creams, anti-defamation creams, water-resistant sunscreens, creams for babies and sensitive skins.

Solar rays includes radiation called ultraviolet and sunscreens minimize these harmful effects by creating a new layer on our skin. 

Temporary or permanent damage made by solar rays is called photoaging. Regularly used sunscreen prevent photoaging and helps to protect the youth of the skin. 

Exposing to solar rays for a long time without any protection can cause 1. and 2. degree burn. Sunscreen cream prevents skin burns.

Sunscreen creams must be applied half an hour before staying under the sun, and must be renewed after every pool, sea, shower or sweating. Sunscreens must me applied as a new layer not just a little.

95% of UVA beams contains radiation, and UVA beams cause mutation in DNA. So, using sunscreen is requisite for skin health. 

It is determined that people who use sunscreen look younger than people who do not use.

Regularly using sunscreen in summer or in winter prevent skin blemishes occured by incresement of melanin.

Applying sunscreen before staying under the sun, prohibits possible burns, strecths, pains, peelings and swellings on skin. 

Sunscreens incarcerates the moisture and acts as a shield every time applied to skin.

Proteins such as collagen and keratin are protected by sunscreens and provide a greater yield on the skin. 

Sunscreens applied 4 seaons of the year helps the skin to gain a shine and remove the imparity of colour tones.