Antalya’s Famous Flavours

Antalya’s Famous Flavours

Antalya’s Famous Flavours

Pearl of the Mediterranean; a fascinating city with natural beauties, historical heritage and sea. We are talking about Antalya. With wide and spacious boulevards, archaic soil which was a home for ancient eras, heart warming sun almost 12 months of the year, Antalya pulls native and foreign tourists towards itself. It’s charm is not limited with those we mentioned. It has another feature that concerns gastronomy lovers and taste hunters, which is cuisine. Antalya has a palatable cuisine that includes local delicacy as well as recipes inherited from different cultures. Come on, let’s sort the favours come to mind first when we say Antalya:

Skewered meatballs/ Haricot Bean Salad

With no doubt, Antalya’s most famous flavour is skewered meatballs and haricot bean salad pair. When the skewered meatballs cooked on ember, small onions and roasted peppers get together on the pita with parsley and cumin, an unforgattable taste shows up.  Those who happen to pass Antalya, should never leave the city before trying these pair. 

Girit Kebab with artichoke

Traditional and extremely delicious Antalya flavour. Including vegetable and red meat makes it more tasty.

Hülüklü Soup

Wouldn’t it be flavour explosion if garlic, chicken and yoghurt come together? Here is short definition of Hülüklü or alias Gülüklü soup’s and one of the most special flavours of Antalya.

Alanya Bohcasi 

You can put cheese into bundles made with pancake dough and eat on breakfast or put limb and eat on dinner. It is a recipe that receives thumbs up for appearance and taste.

Sedik Food

If onion, chicken broth, bulgur and hot pepper come together an excellent flavour shows up again. Sedik Food is both satisfying and appetizing delicious Antalya food


Tahini, lemon juice, garlic and spices come together and creates Hibes and Hibes becomes a well-loved and frequently consumed flavour as Antalya’s appetizer. Whether you can eat it at breakfest, or as appetizer, or as meal spreaded on bread on itself. Hibes takes its place on the lists as an irreplaceable Antalya appetizer 

Arab Kadayif

As known as “stone kadayif”, is a dessert specific to Antalya but lovingly eaten all over the country. Lunate dough filled with walnuts, fried in oil, meets with sherbet and creates an extreme flavour on palate. If you put a dollop of famous burnt Korkuteli ice cream next to it, enjoy the touch